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Our scope of approval covers the design and approval of Structural and Cabin Interior repairs and modifications for all types of Rotorcraft (CS27 and CS29) as well as Large Aircraft (CS25). The scope of approval for repairs is limited to Structures and Cabin Interiors whereas modification scope also includes Cabin Electrical in addition to structures and Cabin Interiors. 

By focusing on repair design in structures, cabin interiors and related mechanical systems, we provide a specialized service to airlines, MRO’s and other organizations, ensuring that repairs are processed efficiently to minimize downtime and cost.

What We Do In A Nutshell

Major structural repairs

Certification Tests


Material Management

IFE & Software Changes

Aircraft OEM Support

New LAN & WLAN Systems

Emergency Escape Lighting

Electrical Load Analysis

Fuselage & Engine Mounts

Wings & Landing Gears

Galley & Floor Replacements

Aircraft Lease Transition

Galley Modifications

Cabin Reconfiguration

Repair Design


Are you currently dealing with an aircraft in urgent need of a fast and reliable repair design? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. Our fixed cost design services are tailored just for you.

Modification Design


At Pt21 Solutions, we offer packages for both structural and cabin interior minor/major modifications. Our cabin interior cabin modification packages may also include electrical components, providing a comprehensive solution to suit your specific needs.



We specialize in developing cusomized solutions specifically tailored to meet your operational requirements, mandatory changes and structural demands. Our Team is endowed to provide the right solution to you.

Consultancy Services


Consultancy services are also provided, including VVIP and VIP aircraft completions management. Standard and premium contracts can be included in our packages. Please contact us to discuss your various needs